Have been planning to play bloody games? Then you should check out some of the popular games that you can play online. Now the waiting is over since the list for the best bloody flash games just keeps on rolling.


The Torture Game
(play it here

An intensely realistic bloody flash game with excellent graphics. The ragdoll that is hanging on your pc looks so real that it becomes eerie as you come to find your way on how you would like to torture the hanging body. From stereotypical ways of torturing to anatomical procedure, the type of torture you want is of your choice. Just don’t dim your lights while playing the game


Boxhead: Zombie Wars

It may not be as bloody as the other games that are reviewed in this article but the game offers one of the best gameplays for flash games. It is a top view shooter where you shoot all the zombies in a specific level and guard yourself amongst the never ending hoard of zombies whose main purpose is to put you into game over.



Seeing penguins fight in reality is somehow adorable but with a sadistic mind you do make things more intensified. With the flash game Penguinz, you will witness yourself as the controller of a third person shooter penguin where you need to kill other group of penguins to clear the stage and the game. It is an action packed game with 15 opponents and 4 bosses that has upgrades and special upgrades as you gather points upon clearing each stage.


Hangman Extreme

How lovely it is that both of the things you like the most in this world are in one game, the classic hangman with an unexpected twist? Like the usual Hangman, if you don’t get the answer right, the stickman will be hanged but instead of just only being hanged, something much worse will happen to the poor old guy who does not even deserve to be hanged in the first place.


Whack Your Ex

From the successful creators of Whack Your Boss, They made a game suited for those people who has an ill-will with their exes. The game has a good rating and has a good choice of set-up. In Whack Your Ex you can choose as either the male or female. Then, you execute your violence through using the so called weapons that is given as a choice similar to whack your boss. It might leave you wanting to do it to your ex but again that’s the purpose of this game.


Thing Thing Arena

One of the bloodiest flash games that is there in the internet and is quite popular in terms of the game’s rating. With a large quantity of weapons to choose from, you will find your way as to how you will survive as much as possible as you could. What you need in this game is not just your thirst for violence but also your guts and hefty loads of bullets to win the game.