Have been planning to play bloody games? Then you should check out some of the popular games that you can play online. Now the waiting is over since the list for the best bloody flash games just keeps on rolling.


The Torture Game
(play it here

An intensely realistic bloody flash game with excellent graphics. The ragdoll that is hanging on your pc looks so real that it becomes eerie as you come to find your way on how you would like to torture the hanging body. From stereotypical ways of torturing to anatomical procedure, the type of torture you want is of your choice. Just don’t dim your lights while playing the game


Boxhead: Zombie Wars

It may not be as bloody as the other games that are reviewed in this article but the game offers one of the best gameplays for flash games. It is a top view shooter where you shoot all the zombies in a specific level and guard yourself amongst the never ending hoard of zombies whose main purpose is to put you into game over.



Seeing penguins fight in reality is somehow adorable but with a sadistic mind you do make things more intensified. With the flash game Penguinz, you will witness yourself as the controller of a third person shooter penguin where you need to kill other group of penguins to clear the stage and the game. It is an action packed game with 15 opponents and 4 bosses that has upgrades and special upgrades as you gather points upon clearing each stage.


Hangman Extreme

How lovely it is that both of the things you like the most in this world are in one game, the classic hangman with an unexpected twist? Like the usual Hangman, if you don’t get the answer right, the stickman will be hanged but instead of just only being hanged, something much worse will happen to the poor old guy who does not even deserve to be hanged in the first place.


Whack Your Ex

From the successful creators of Whack Your Boss, They made a game suited for those people who has an ill-will with their exes. The game has a good rating and has a good choice of set-up. In Whack Your Ex you can choose as either the male or female. Then, you execute your violence through using the so called weapons that is given as a choice similar to whack your boss. It might leave you wanting to do it to your ex but again that’s the purpose of this game.


Thing Thing Arena

One of the bloodiest flash games that is there in the internet and is quite popular in terms of the game’s rating. With a large quantity of weapons to choose from, you will find your way as to how you will survive as much as possible as you could. What you need in this game is not just your thirst for violence but also your guts and hefty loads of bullets to win the game.



There are a lot of effects violent games bring to its players. Aside from the fun and excitement it always give them, it can also develop some of the natural skills of the players. On the other hand, although there are a lot of advantages and skill that will be developed in playing these violent games, it can also bring harm to you and may trigger aggressive behavior. To understand more about the contrasting effects how playing these violent games, each effect will be discussed further later on (or you can click this). Starting from the negative effect of these violent games, studies say that constantly playing violent videogames triggers some aggressive actions within the players.

Back in the years, they say that shootings and killings inside school by young adolescents are most likely done by those who play violent games. Playing these kind of games might trigger these aggressive behavior because as you can see aggression in these games are rewarded with upgrading the level or the character. These rewards give the players idea that aggression are rewarded instead of punished like what is done in the real world. So most likely that is the reason why some players tend to show some aggressive acts thinking that, like in the game, they will be rewarded. In contrast to that study, some psychologists say that these violent games does give players the aggressive behaviors instead the players already have the aggressiveness in them. It also says that players who are addicted and are very fond of playing violent games are aggressive already for them to like such kind of game. Violent games may or may not trigger this aggression but still they are proven to be really addictive despite which of it is true.

Enough of the negative effects of these violent videogames. You should also know that these games can help develop a lot of your skills. People who tend to play games longer have better and developed spatial navigation, improved memory and better logical reasoning. As you noticed, all of those mentioned are mind-related which means that violent games help develop your mental abilities.

If you are wondering how, well simply because these type of games need strategies and mind planning so they tend to allow your brain work while playing. It also requires your imagination, so it is a good training ground in nurturing your imaginative mind. In fact it has been said that those who constantly play videogames are inclined in fields like engineering, architecture and any other professions that require planning and mind-boggling criticism. Not only does it help in your mental state, violent games also help in the welfare of your emotional stability. It helps ward off anxiety and depression and promotes relaxation. Some people make these violent games as their outlet to vent out and make achieving each level a distressing activity.

There are a lot of benefits and effects these violent games can bring. On the other hand it can also be harmful if you play these games for too long and constantly. What you can do is have self-control so that instead of harmful effects, these violent games will give you positive ones.

A famous form of entertainment to computer geeks and gamers out there is videogames like shooting games, combat games and killing games. By just looking at the game's name you can see that they are full of aggressive acts in it and if you are one of those gamers you know yourself that aggression tactics works best to win at every level of these games. It is true that to surpass every level and conquer your opponents in these games, you need to commit aggressive acts and tactics, but don't judge these violent games as bad already.

Although the shooting games and killing games showcases violent action scenes, what you didn't know about them is that they also have various advantages. Aside from learning some of the basics of self-defense through it and learning the different types of guns and tanks in these games, there are other skills you can develop by just playing these shooting games. These shooting and combat games might be educational especially to those players who wants to be an army officer or who are already an officer themselves. It can also encourage those young individuals to become one of the soldiers who serve and protect the country from terrorism.

It may be new to your hearing sense but yes these combat games and shooting games can also be helpful. They are not just for entertainment, it can also be educational and can help mold some of your skills and abilities. For one, these combat games and shooting games can help sharpen your mental ability. Why and how? Well simply because these types of games needs plans and strategies to be able to defeat the opposing team. While you are playing these games, your mind working and not just simply working because it is working so fast in generating new ideas on how to defeat your opponent. It helps sharpen the function speed of your brain. With that said, you can already attest that these shooting games are helpful indeed but not only that, these videogames can also develop your hand-eye coordination better.

There are people who are not very good when it comes to hand and eye coordination but those gamers who constantly videogames improves this skill a lot. When you play shooting and combat games, you keep using both your hands in controlling and eyes for seeing your opponents from different locations and directions, with these, your skills will improve while playing as you need to adapt in a fast pace gaming. It was already proven through studies that gamers who play long hours in front of their videogames have better eye-hand coordination and have faster control with both skills compared to those who don’t play any games. Lastly, playing shooting games and other violent games can help prolong your attention span, which means that you can focus longer on a single thing compared to others. This also implies that during classes, players tend to listen to discussions more since they can focus easily and are not easily distracted.

As you can see based on the information above, shooting games, combat games and other violent games have a lot of advantages. They do not only serve as an entertainment, but can also develop different skills in those who play them.